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Zoe Willingham Dog Behaviourist with a cocker spaniel

Hello & Welcome,
I'm Zoe Willingham,
Dog Behaviourist
near me

I am here to help you with your dog's behavioural problems. I specialise in Separation anxiety, reactivity and aggression, and help dog owners all over the Uk and overseas with the challenges they face in dealing with their dog's behaviour. I help as a dog behaviourist near me across the country

How I Can Help You & Your Dog

Need Something Different?

Sometimes our dogs present us with problems that don't fit the common packages above. Thats okay because we have you covered here. Do you need a dog behaviourist near me?

These packages cover 

  • Car chasing 

  • Agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house)

  • General Anxiety solved by a dog behaviourist near me

  • Plus tailored plans for other bespoke requirements

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Helping scared dogs

Multi Award Winning Behaviourist - including the prestigious Dragons Den Theo Paphititis award
Trusted by Dog Owners,
Vets & Rescue Centres

Zoe won a Theo Paphiti award

Chosen out of 450,000 entrants to win Theo's award as a dog behaviourist near me

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Puppy 121 training

We were able to leave our dog 

“We were able to leave our dog to see family and go on shopping trips. It's made our family life great again.״ 

Elaine B

The biting stopped immediately

“We were shocked how well these methods actually worked, we are delighted and very grateful.״ 

Jackie P.

Walks are fun again and I understand my dog

" Our dog was reactive to every dog they met on a walk. Now we can pass others without any issues "

Karen L.

As a behaviour expert I am regularly featured in nationwide magazines and papers and on national radio and TV..
Womens own
BBC radio
GB News
East Anglian Daily Times

The Mirror
Your Dog
Dogs Today

and many more..

Abandoned dogs is a growing problem. Says Zoe Willingham Dog Behaviourist
Helping dogs with real life problems
Zoe appears regularly on TV as a guest behaviourist
  • Pre Consult Call x1

    15 mins with a behaviourist to discuss your dog & next steps
    Valid for one week
    • 1 x 15min Telephone Call

Book 15 mins with me to see how I can help your dog

Book a 15 minute consultation with Zoe

How do I work with you - How does it work?
Ideal if you need a dog behaviourist near me


Pre-consult call if you need guidance on what to book


Book your package - 4 or 8 weeks​


Choose your dates​


Fill in the questionnaire


See you at your sessions

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Are you ready to help your dogs behaviour

Are you ready
to help your dog?

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