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Travel Sickness - Car Travel Anxiety

Dogs that are travel sick

Are car journeys stressful for you and your dog? 

Are they sick, stressed or reactive in the car?

Do you feel you have tried everything and you are restricted about where you can take your dog? 

Do Vet visits feel too difficult because of the car journey there?

If this feels familiar read on for more information.....

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Millie came to me at a young age. A blank canvas I hear you say. Shouldn't have any problems?

Apart from travelling in the car! 

I had a new dog and wanted to socialise her and take her out places and do all those things dog ownership was supposed to be like in my head.

After months of thinking it will pass I knew it was time to tackle this problem head on. Millie really dog teach me that this doesn't always go away on it's own and can be helped with the right treatment plan.

The good news for Millie is she can travel anywhere with me now and loves to have a relaxing snooze in the car.

My dog cant travel in the car

Meet Millie, The pup that hated car travel

Travel Sickness - Car Travel Anxiety

Travel sickness in dogs

How Does It Work?

  • The programme will guide you through a personalised and tailored plan to gradually expose your dog to sounds using a process called desensitisation

  • The entire process is conducted via Zoom because we need to see your dogs real responses to the training without the distraction of a stranger present

  • Each week I give you easy to follow plans based on our consultations and progress

  • I support you in between via Whats App and keep you on track with your dog with help and check ins

How To Get Started...

Simply select the package below to suit your needs and budget and we will do the rest.

All behaviour appointments take place subject to availability and by mutual agreement Mon-Fri between 10am-4pm

(Other times may be available by request - please check before booking)

  • Pre Consult Call x1

    15 mins with a behaviourist to discuss your dog & next steps
    Valid for one week
    • 1 x 15min Telephone Call
  • Car Travel

    One off payment
    Valid for one month
    • 1 x 1hr zoom assessment
    • 3 x 30 minute zoom behavioural consultations
    • Daily feedback via Whats App from behaviourist
    • Video analysis via Whats App from behaviourist
    • Easy to follow behavioural plans weekly for 4 weeks
    • Direct contact with your vet where appropriate
    • Recordings of all consultations
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