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How I work with you

I’ve exciting news to share about a new way we can help owners and dogs live happy and harmonious lives together.

Can you believe it’s 11 years since I started Best Behaviour Dog Training and in that time I’ve worked with over 15,000 dogs?

In the last couple of years, the dog population has soared and our dog’s lives have been unlike ever before.

Because of this, I’m finding more pet parents are looking for support with their dog’s behaviour so I launched Zoe Willingham Dog Behaviourist.

With more dogs and more trainers, my hope is to be the John Lewis of the behavioural world, using my qualifications and experience to offer a safe space to support your dog with trusted professional.

What's the difference between training and behaviour support?

Training is about shaping brand new behaviour and giving your dog the life skills to live in harmony with us as humans and preventing problem behaviour future.

Behaviour work goes deeper, looking at your dog’s emotional response to certain triggers, for example, being alone, other people and dogs.

This can be much more than what we see on the surface. We explore their physiological response in their body and brain and work together to change how the brain responds.

Why I’ve created Zoe Willingham Dog Behaviourist

The last two years have seen a huge increase in inquiries for behaviour work from owners who love their dogs and want to support them but need one to one support rather than a class.

This is due to the puppy pandemic and many lockdown puppies are now maturing and sadly experiencing stress and anxiety as they adapt to life in the normal world.

Meanwhile, owners are going back to work, so their routines are changing and this can impact on our dogs emotionally.

Sadly, I’m seeing dogs with deep seated behavioural problems, from separation anxiety where they can’t be left alone, aggression towards visitors, resource guarding of items and people and reactivity to other dogs and people.

To accommodate this I’ve taken on more trainers and behaviourists and now I want to follow my passion for working one to one as a behaviourist.

Why I’m passionate about my work as a behaviourist

I’m not a dog trainer with a perfect puppy. I’m a dog mum to 23

rescue dogs and have lived with every possible behavioural issue under the sun.

It breaks my heart seeing people struggle and I know that working with the right behaviourist can change your dog’s life and yours too.

Having a dog with behavioural issues can be stressful and lonely.

Walking at 5am to avoid people, not being able to have visitors, worrying about leaving your dog, being unable to go for a drink or a coffee with a friend.

You want to give your dog the best life, have the freedom to go for walks and have your best friend by your side wherever you go, whether it’s a dog friendly pub or a cosy holiday cottage.

And I want to make that happen, giving you and your dog the support you need, using kind, positive methods, backed by science and using my own experiences too.

How it works

If you’re unsure whether it’s training or behaviour support you need, we start with a 15 minute chat.

Your programme will be made up of structured sessions over a set number of weeks, starting with a behavioural assessment with support on WhatsApp.

We meet on Zoom which is more suited to anxious dogs or for pet parents who prefer to learn in an environment where their dog is settled.

There’s the option to meet and work in person in our purpose built rehab facility designed for owners needing help with handling and dogs that struggle with other dogs or people as you progress through your support programme.

Each package is bespoke for your dog’s needs, empowering you with skills for everyday life.

Want to find out more

If you’re nodding along and thinking, ‘This sounds like something that would help me and my dog,’ reply and I’d love to chat.

And you can head to where you’ll find information on how we work, the behavioural issues I can work with and the packages available.

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