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Why a day early is better than a day late to help your dog?

In my line of work, I see dogs at all stages of behavioural needs, and what is a problem for some owners is completely acceptable to others.

One thing all owners agree on is that dogs are more than pets; they’re beloved members of our families. However, even the most affectionate and well-trained dogs can develop behavioural issues. From excessive barking to destructive chewing, these problems can escalate if not addressed promptly. Many dog owners delay seeking help, hoping the issues will resolve on their own, but this can lead to complications that are more challenging to manage in the long run. Here’s why it’s crucial not to procrastinate when it comes to addressing behavioural problems in dogs.

 1.     Early Intervention Prevents Escalation

Behavioural problems in dogs can start small but often become more pronounced over time. For example, a dog that occasionally growls when approached might eventually bite if the underlying issue isn’t addressed. Small signs of anxiety or aggression can quickly develop into major issues, making it essential to intervene early.


Quick Action Tips

1.Identify Triggers

2. Keep a behaviour journal to note what triggers the problem.

3. Seek Professional Advice by seeing a behaviourist to prevent minor issues from becoming ingrained habits.


2.     Promotes Better Quality of Life for Your Dog

Unresolved behavioural issues can affect your dog’s mental and emotional well-being. Dogs experiencing anxiety, fear, or aggression are not just a nuisance; they’re often suffering. Behavioural issues can lead to stress, which negatively impacts your dog’s overall quality of life and long-term health as well. All too often behavioural issues are only being dealt with when it affects the humans. We have to remember that even in the early stages of behavioural problems it can be very distressing for the dogs to experience.


3.     Enhances Your Bond with Your Dog 

Behavioural problems can strain the relationship between you and your dog. A dog that repeatedly misbehaves can lead to frustration and even resentment from you to your dog. Addressing these problems promptly can restore and enhance the bond between you and your furry friend.

4.     Prevents Unintentional Reinforcement of Bad Habits

Without realizing it, dog owners often reinforce bad behaviours. For example, giving in to a dog that barks for attention teaches the dog that barking gets them what they want. The longer this goes on, the more entrenched the behaviour becomes.


5.     Safety Concerns

Some behavioural issues pose safety risks to both the dog and the people around them. Dogs that have developed certain habits can quickly escalate into dangerous situations for them and others around them


6.     Legal and Social Implications

In some areas, severe behavioural problems, such as aggression, can lead to legal issues for the owner. Additionally, neighbours and visitors may become wary or uncomfortable around a dog with a behavioural problem, affecting your social interactions and life in general.


7.     Cost-Effectiveness

Addressing behavioural problems early can save money in the long run. Prolonged issues can lead to the need for more intensive training, medical treatment, all of which cost money to do properly.

Investing in early professional help is often less expensive than dealing with entrenched problems later.



Ignoring or delaying action on your dog’s behavioural problems can lead to more severe issues that are harder to address and may compromise your dog’s happiness, safety, and the harmony of your household. Prompt intervention not only helps mitigate these problems but also strengthens the bond you share with your dog, ensuring a happier, healthier life together. If your dog is exhibiting signs of behavioural issues, don’t wait – seek professional guidance and start working towards a solution today.


Taking swift action ensures not only the well-being of your dog but also a harmonious living environment for you and your family. Don’t let minor issues grow into major problems – the best time to start is now! Get started here





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